Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy! Enter your Traderace Portal. Choose the synchronized trading accounts you would like to participate with and Click “To Participate”.

Yes. You have 5x chances of winning our Competition! You can compete with up to 5 trading accounts every month. Please ensure you synced your trading accounts in the Traderace portal.

In order to keep a healthy fair competition, the maximum permitted per trading account is € 100 EUR. Only accounts with a balance of a maximum of 100eur on the 1st day of each month will be eligible for the monthly prize

No. To enter our competition is absolutely free of charge. Just open a trading account and register for the next Traderace!

Our prizes are the result of spread generated from the trading volume every month and it increases as the number of participants increase as well. Traderace is a new trading competition that will change lives. Trade for a better future.

The monetary Prizes will be credited to the Winners’ trading accounts as a Deposit within the 5 days after competition ends, and will be available for withdrawal immediately upon Winner’s request.

The performance prize will be given to the trader with account with the highest equity in euros at 23:59:59 on the last day of the Competition Period, out of the total Pool of Contestants (eligible Contestants). In the event that two or more Contestants have the same equity in Euros in that period, then the Contestant with the highest volume traded during the same period will be the Winner.

The biggest volume prize will be given to the trader with the highest number of closed lots traded at 23:59:59 on the last day of the Competition Period, out of the total Pool of Contestants (eligible Contestants). 1 lot traded = $100.000 position (roundturn).

In order to keep a fair and healthy competition, accounts are only able to use €100 per competition. Funds redeposited into an account registered for the Competition will be automatically added to a new trading account in your name, and can be used for the next available Competition.

We are doing everything possible to make sure your personal data is safe. We use SSL certificates to encrypt your connection; furthermore, your data is stored in encrypted format on our server. If you have a reason to believe your account has been compromised and/or don't have access to it, contact us using the contact page.

All trading account are verified by our Broker Partner - 4xCube, and confirmed every month by our Team Traderace. Furthermore all trading results are audited by the renowned audit firm BDO, to ensure a fair and honest competition for all participants.

You can be part of trading history. TradeRace is the Ultimate Trading Championship

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