Message from the CEO

Our Company aim is to bring transparent trading through competition while changing people’s lives. This has been the aim since the establishment of our corporation along with giving a true aspect to learning how to trade the markets.

The Traderace business model is our platform for success. It’s been structured to make it simple to understand, runs on a pure STP model and leaves the traders not only working on building their own P&L, but also competing for prizes which are funded from the broker commissions generated.

We deliver the highest standards of online trading customized to the competitiveness needed from our clients.

It is structured this way to put you in the driving seat and compete against the markets as well as each other.

The full STP model means we’re agnostic to each trade so competitors are left to trade against the market and one another, with winners benefitting from a share of the commission as well as your own trading profits.

There’s negative balance protection in place and we like to think of this concept as meeting the needs of both professional and recreational traders alike.

Trading with 100 EUR accounts enables a real learning experience.

It gives you the opportunity to understand all that is necessary to truly understand how to trade.

We have also taken the decision to push out spreads in order to fund a bigger prize pool and also ensure the best possible trading experience.

This has all been designed to entertain participants, as well as providing a traditional platform for generating wealth.

We believe that the success of Traderace lies in the transparency given to our clients.

The concept is a world first and when we achieve our target of 100,000 participants, the prize fund is forecast to be in the region of EUR1,500,000 per month.

You can be part of trading history. TradeRace is the Ultimate Trading Championship

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