Forex Traders: The Traderace Championship for Forex Traders in 2019

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading refers to the market place where foreign currencies are bought and sold, according to an exchange rate, and it is one of the most liquid financial markets in the world. The average amount of money (fiat currency) traded each day runs into trillions of dollars.

According to the Bank for International Settlements triennial report of 2016, the foreign exchange market cap averaged $5.1 trillion per day (down from 2013 of $5.4 trillion). .

A unique aspect of forex trading is that there is no foreign exchange central market place and all money is traded OTC (over the counter). It means that with for 24 hours a day, five and a half days per week, across all time zones, the currency is traded one against the other from Hong Kong and Tokyo where the market opens, around the world through India, Europe, and the United States.

What is Traderace Championship?

Traderace is the First International Trading Championship that offers amazing Monthly and Annual prizes generated from broker commissions. Incorporated and registered in Hong Kong, they offer a revolutionary trading competition to forex traders from around the world. If you are looking to make more money as a binary trader, Traderace gives you the best place to start and the monthly and annual championship prizes are set to earn some of the most significant rewards in forex trading for 2019 and beyond. There is no deadline to joining the championship and each competition period runs for a full calendar month from five minutes past midnight on the first day to five minutes before midnight on the last day of the calendar month, when the competition period is renewed.


Who can take part in Traderace Championship?

Traderace championship incorporated standard forex trading and members, must be registered with 4xCube and have a fully operating forex trading account.

If you are a forex trader you can register with Traderace and take part in the monthly race to achieve high winning trading results.

Traders can leave the competition any time, and all traders’ forex trading results will be displayed on the Traderace platform portal leader boards.

How to Enter Traderace Championship?

Joining the championship is simple takes only a few minutes. The competition rules are that traders must register with 4xCube and open a trading account. The registration requires a username, email, and password.

There is a minimum equity deposit of Euro 100, and traders need to have a Euro 5 allowance to cover any exchange rate fluctuation during the deposit period.

Each competitor is allowed a maximum of five Traderace accounts, which will enable them to utilise multiple strategies and the standard leverage is 400:1.

In order to keep it fair and not to give any sort of advantage,traders can only deposit once in their Championship trading accounts.

How to Win the Traderace Championship?

There are two competitions every month traders partake in.

a) MOST PROFITABLE TRADER: Have the highest NET equity in EUR at 23:54:59 on the last day of the Competition Period, out of the total Pool of Contestants (eligible Contestants).

In the event that two or more Contestants have the same equity in Euros in that period, then the Contestant with the highest volume traded during the same period will be the Winner.

*Only the best trading account – highest equity at end of each period (from the 5 accounts allowed in the Competition) will be considered for the Prize.

b) BIGGEST VOLUME TRADER: Have the highest cumulative number of closed lots traded at 23:54:59 on the last day of the Competition Period.

In the event that two or more Contestants have the same volume of closed Lots in that period, then the Contestant with the best equity in Euros during the same period will be the Winner.

*Only the best trading account – highest volume traded at end of each period (from the 5 accounts allowed in the Competition) will be considered for the Prize.


The Advantages of Traderace Championship

What’s in it for You?

  • Free Demo Account with 4xCube
  • Minimum Deposit of Euro 100
  • Smooth, Comfortable and Responsive Trading Platform
  • Full House of Trading Tools; Algo Trading with Scalping and Hedging
  • Opportunity to earn big rewards
  • Excellent Cash Withdrawal system
  • Negative Balance Protection with 4xCube

Traderace Platform Technology

The company provides experienced and beginner traders with real time financial market prices. The interface is extremely user friendly, and by having a demo account with 4xCube, traders can find exactly which strategies they are most comfortable with prior to entering the Championship.

What You Need to Know

Traderace partnership with 4xCube brings 20 years forex trading experience as an execution-only broker. This means that they have no dealing desk and accept all forms of trading strategies to deliver a low latency Algo Trading (algorithmic trading), providing an excellent trading environment for people of all trading skill levels. 4xCube allow other trading strategies, such as scalping and hedging.

Traders’ Funds kept secure: 4xCube audited by the BDO in the United States and is under the Financial Commission.

Negative Balance Protection means that you only risk the amount deposited and there are no hidden fees. Besides, you can open and close your account in a few minutes.


Traderace is definitely the most innovative forex championship of earning more money as a forex trader.

If you are a Forex Trading Beginner, the opportunity of using a demo account to learn how things work will bring more confidence to trading strategies and winning technique.

The minimum equity deposit does not make it difficult to get started and the 400:1 standard leverage is doable.

Forex trading is a great way to earn money online, and Traderace Championship gives competitors the added bonus of higher monthly earnings.

You can be part of trading history. TradeRace is the Ultimate Trading Championship

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