About Us

What is traderace trading championship?

Traderace is the First International Trading Championship that offers Unbelievable Monthly and Annual Cash Prizes generated by broker commissions!

It not only awards the best trader but also the trader more trading volume.

Traderace gives you the opportunity to compete against traders all over the world, show your trading skills and win prize money along with your profits.

TradeRace is all you need.

It is the best trading championship for you to prove and improve your trading skills. Compete against other traders, use expert advisors, learn new trading strategies, show your own strategies and become the ultimate champion. We have the tools for your personal use, all at the touch of a button.

You can win epic monthly and annual prizes. Become the next trading star and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.


Our Company aim is to bring transparent trading through competition while changing people’s lives. This has been the aim since the establishment of our corporation along with giving a true aspect to learning how to trade the(...)

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Why to choose TradeRace?

Monthly and annual prizes

Unlike other trading competitions that award a small prize at the end of the championship, at TradeRace we reward the best traders every month and at the end of the contest with a big prize.

The monthly prizes are attributed to the best trader by their performance and the trader with a more accumulated volume.

Grand Prize up to 1500000€

All participants have a chance to win more than 1.5 million Euros because the cash prize is based on number of active participants. The more participants we have, bigger is the prize.

We are targeting 100,000 traders to generate this epic cash prize for the championship.

This is your opportunity to be part of trading history!

Same opportunity for all

All participants start equally, with a 100 Euro account and each one can have 5 accounts. So each trader only can have maximum 500 Euro for month to be able to negotiate with different strategies, counting only the one that has better performance and/or greater volume.

The participants follow the results on the Leaderboard through the platform.

Be an ambassador

On TradeRace you can win without participating!

Become an Ambassador, invite your network and friends to participate in the competition and profit from their success.

You earn commissions from all the participants of the championship and a percentage of the final prize.

Imagine profiting 10% of the ultimate prize of €1,500,000!

You can be part of trading history. TradeRace is the Ultimate Trading Championship

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